Match Reports

Synergy 52 vs. 50 Canterbury


Star 0 Michelle Levett


Star 0 Hazel Lindsay

Pilgrims red 49 vs. 46 Companion Care

Pilgrims red

Star 0 Liliane Widdows

Companion Care

Star 0 Justina Durban

Canterbury Academy White 31 vs. 22 Bluebirds

Canterbury Academy White

Star 0 Amelie Newies


Star 0 Kelly Scorer

Wahl UK 34 vs. 32 Alpha Electronics

Best Defence for Alpha - Sophie Phillips

Wahl UK

Star 0 Lola Leveridge

Alpha Electronics

Star 0 Laura Wild

Canterbury Academy Red 47 vs. 46 Oasis

Canterbury Academy Red

Star 0 Annabel Mills


Star 0 Gemma Wilkins

Pilgrims Blue 17 vs. 33 GG Fitness

Pilgrims Blue

Star 0 Ella Holt

GG Fitness

Star 0 Lucy Hayward

J and L NC Allstars 39 vs. 39 Beech Grove Falcons

J and L NC Allstars

Star 0 Isobel Brown

Beech Grove Falcons

Star 0 Irene Keiderling

Canterbury Back Tos 66 vs. 15 UKC

Star Player for Back Tos - Emma Lake

Canterbury Back Tos


Star 0 Laura Burgess

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