Match Reports

Synergie 72 vs. 45 Canterbury


Star 0 Karen Mannering


Star 0 Hannah Campbell

Companion Care 40 vs. 48 Oasis

Companion Care

Star 0 Rebecca Seymour


Star 0 Debbie Cook

GG Fitness 52 vs. 23 Canterbury Academy White

GG Fitness

Canterbury Academy White

Star 0 Rebecca Reynolds

Black Jacks 31 vs. 51 Pilgrims

Black Jacks

Star 0 Amie Packer


Star 0 Sam Astbury

Canterbury Academy Red 33 vs. 61 J and L

Canterbury Academy Red

Star 0 Annabel Mills

J and L

Star 0 Sarah Hatfield

Canterbury Back Tos 26 vs. 39 Wahl UK

Canterbury Back Tos

Star 0 Jenny Oliver

Wahl UK

Star 0 Louise Hale

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