Match Reports

Wahl UK 59 vs. 30 Canterbury Academy White

Wahl UK

Star 0 Louise Hale

Canterbury Academy White

Star 0 Olivia Petri

Pilgrims 75 vs. 36 Oasis



Star 0 Danielle Faure-Wells

Companion Care 40 vs. 42 Black Jacks

Companion Care

Star 0 Amy Jenkins (McKeown)

Black Jacks

Star 0 Keisha Moreno

Canterbury Academy Red 18 vs. 85 Canterbury

Canterbury Academy Red

Star 0 Annabel Mills


Star 0 Alice Ames

Synergie 60 vs. 32 J and L


Star 0 Michelle Levett

J and L

Star 0 Dionne Mowbray

Canterbury Back Tos 17 vs. 61 GG Fitness

Canterbury Back Tos

Star 0 Carla Keeler

GG Fitness

Star 0 Carmen Smith

Pilgrims Juniors 49 vs. 14 UKC

Pilgrims Juniors

Star 0 Jasmine Warner


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