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Fixtures & Results

Winter 2017/18

October 17
Sun 8   Black Jacks 45-57 Canterbury Report
  J and L 43-43 Oasis Report
  Alpha Electronics 19-19 Canterbury Back Tos Report
  Canterbury Academy White 13-65 Pilgrims Juniors Report
  Canterbury Academy Red 15-38 Companion Care Report
  Pilgrims 44-40 Synergie Report
  GG Fitness 46-28 Bluebirds Report
  UKC 15-41 Wahl UK Report
Sun 15   Canterbury 71-28 Companion Care Report
  J and L 23-58 Pilgrims Report
  GG Fitness 44-26 Alpha Electronics Report
  UKC 38-27 Canterbury Academy White Report
  Black Jacks 46-18 Canterbury Academy Red Report
  Oasis 28-57 Synergie Report
  Pilgrims Juniors 35-42 Wahl UK Report
  Canterbury Back Tos 17-39 Bluebirds Report
Sun 22   Companion Care 40-42 Black Jacks Report
  Pilgrims 75-36 Oasis Report
  Bluebirds 24-18 Alpha Electronics Report
  Wahl UK 59-30 Canterbury Academy White Report
  Canterbury Academy Red 18-85 Canterbury Report
  Synergie 60-32 J and L Report
  Canterbury Back Tos 17-61 GG Fitness Report
  Pilgrims Juniors 49-14 UKC Report
November 17
Sun 5   Oasis 46-82 Canterbury Report
  Canterbury Academy Red 16-98 Pilgrims Report
  Canterbury Back Tos 16-18 Pilgrims Juniors Report
  Bluebirds 28-23 Wahl UK Report
  J and L 26-28 Black Jacks Report
  Companion Care 29-70 Synergie Report
  Alpha Electronics 40-16 Canterbury Academy White Report
  GG Fitness 45-20 UKC Report
Sun 12   Synergie 63-25 Canterbury Academy Red Report
  Black Jacks 33-31 Oasis Report
  UKC 25-49 Canterbury Back Tos Report
  Pilgrims Juniors 20-23 Alpha Electronics Report
  Canterbury 34-56 Pilgrims Report
  Companion Care conceeded J and L
  GG Fitness 52-28 Wahl UK Report
  Bluebirds 60-8 Canterbury Academy White Report
Sun 26 Pilgrims vs. Black Jacks 1 9:30am
  J and L 71-38 Canterbury Academy Red Report
  Wahl UK 36-41 Canterbury Back Tos Report
Bluebirds vs. Pilgrims Juniors 4 9:30am
  Canterbury 71-54 Synergie Report
  Oasis 55-29 Companion Care Report
  Canterbury Academy White 20-49 GG Fitness Report
  Alpha Electronics 51-10 UKC Report
December 17
Sun 3   Synergie 51-30 Black Jacks Report
  Canterbury Academy Red 34-55 Oasis Report
  UKC 17-36 Bluebirds Report
  Alpha Electronics 43-21 Wahl UK Report
  J and L 35-91 Canterbury Report
  Companion Care 33-86 Pilgrims Report
  Canterbury Back Tos 49-28 Canterbury Academy White Report
  GG Fitness 42-25 Pilgrims Juniors Report
Sun 10 Companion Care vs. Canterbury Academy Red 1 9:30am
Synergie vs. Pilgrims 2 9:30am
Bluebirds vs. GG Fitness 3 9:30am
Wahl UK vs. UKC 4 9:30am
  Canterbury conceeded Black Jacks
Oasis vs. J and L 2 11:00am
Canterbury Back Tos vs. Alpha Electronics 3 11:00am
Pilgrims Juniors vs. Canterbury Academy White 4 11:00am
January 18
Sun 14   Canterbury Academy Red 16-60 Black Jacks Report
  Synergie 67-36 Oasis Report
  Wahl UK 33-48 Pilgrims Juniors Report
  Bluebirds 16-34 Canterbury Back Tos Report
  Companion Care 48-70 Canterbury Report
  Pilgrims conceeded J and L
  Alpha Electronics 38-52 GG Fitness Report
  Canterbury Academy White conceeded UKC
Sun 21   J and L 31-44 Synergie Report
  Canterbury Academy Red 23-66 Canterbury Report
  GG Fitness conceeded Canterbury Back Tos
  UKC conceeded Pilgrims Juniors
  Black Jacks 39-43 Companion Care Report
  Oasis 44-78 Pilgrims Report
  Alpha Electronics 38-41 Bluebirds Report
  Canterbury Academy White 17-67 Wahl UK Report
February 18
Sun 11   Black Jacks conceeded J and L
  Synergie 58-27 Companion Care Report
  Canterbury Academy White 23-40 Alpha Electronics Report
  UKC conceeded GG Fitness
  Canterbury 59-45 Oasis Report
  Pilgrims 76-15 Canterbury Academy Red Report
  Pilgrims Juniors conceeded Canterbury Back Tos
  Wahl UK 20-45 Bluebirds Report
Sun 18   Pilgrims 48-64 Canterbury Report
  J and L 46-42 Companion Care Report
  Wahl UK 25-43 GG Fitness Report
  Canterbury Academy White 20-45 Bluebirds Report
  Canterbury Academy Red 28-60 Synergie Report
  Oasis 42-28 Black Jacks Report
  Canterbury Back Tos 33-12 UKC Report
  Alpha Electronics 38-27 Pilgrims Juniors Report
March 18
Sun 4 Synergie vs. Canterbury 1 9:30am
Companion Care vs. Oasis 2 9:30am
GG Fitness vs. Canterbury Academy White 3 9:30am
UKC vs. Alpha Electronics 4 9:30am
Black Jacks vs. Pilgrims 1 11:00am
Canterbury Academy Red vs. J and L 2 11:00am
Canterbury Back Tos vs. Wahl UK 3 11:00am
  Pilgrims Juniors conceeded Bluebirds
Sun 18 Canterbury vs. J and L 1 9:30am
Pilgrims vs. Companion Care 2 9:30am
Canterbury Academy White vs. Canterbury Back Tos 3 9:30am
Pilgrims Juniors vs. GG Fitness 4 9:30am
Black Jacks vs. Synergie 1 11:00am
Oasis vs. Canterbury Academy Red 2 11:00am
Bluebirds vs. UKC 3 11:00am
Wahl UK vs. Alpha Electronics 4 11:00am
April 18
Sun 8 Companion Care 57-52 Canterbury Academy Red Report
Synergie 37-28 Pilgrims Report
Bluebirds 26-39 GG Fitness Report
Wahl UK conceeded UKC
Oasis 51-43 J and L Report
Canterbury Back Tos 16-40 Alpha Electronics Report
Pilgrims Juniors 59-29 Canterbury Academy White Report
Pilgrims 57-30 Black Jacks Report
Sun 15 Synergie 72-45 Canterbury Report
Companion Care 40-48 Oasis Report
GG Fitness 52-23 Canterbury Academy White Report
UKC conceeded Alpha Electronics
Black Jacks 31-51 Pilgrims Report
Canterbury Academy Red 33-61 J and L Report
Canterbury Back Tos 26-39 Wahl UK Report
Bluebirds conceeded Pilgrims Juniors
Sun 29 Canterbury 76-34 J and L Report
Pilgrims 83-29 Companion Care Report
Canterbury Academy White 19-13 Canterbury Back Tos Report
Black Jacks 13-59 Synergie Report
Oasis 49-27 Canterbury Academy Red Report
Bluebirds conceeded UKC
Wahl UK 29-39 Alpha Electronics Report
May 18
Tue 29 Pilgrims Juniors vs. GG Fitness 4 9:30am

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