2017- 2018

All teams will play versatility with a change of position at quarter, half and three quarter time.

Cup and Plate Versatility Rules
England Netball and Canterbury and District Netball League rules apply unless stated otherwise below. Rules may be reviewed by the committee at any point during the tournament but will definitely be reviewed after the 4th Round Robin match.
1. Up to nine players may be used in one match

2. 10 minutes prior to the start of the match, team captains must give their scorecards to the member of the committee that is drawing out the positions for the first quarter.

3. The starting line-up must reflect the true line up of the team. Any discrepancies found will be taken to the committee.
All players must be present for the drawing of positions.
- For teams with 5 present at the start the WA and WD positions should be allocated to late arrivals
- For teams with 6 present at the start the WD position should be allocated to late arrivals

4. A committee member will randomly draw bibs and give to the players in the order of listing, at the start of each game.
- These must be noted on the score card.
- For teams with 8 or 9 players present - as the C bib is drawn the next listed player would be OFF.
- For teams with 9 players present - as the GK bib is drawn, the next listed player would be OFF.
- At each quarter time players move positions as indicated on the rotations below. The bibs are not drawn again.

5. Late arrivals can take to the court in the missing positions once the umpire allows.

6. No players may arrive new to the game after the start of the 2nd quarter.

7. Rotations
For 7 players - GA > C > GD > GS > GK > WA > WD
For 8 players - GA > C > OFF > GD > GS > GK > WA > WD
For 9 players - GA > C > OFF > GD > GS >GK > OFF > WA > WD

7. Cup and Plate handicaps.
The handicap system has been put in place taking into account team lists and current standing in the league. The committee do appreciate your feedback to enable them to continue to make the competition fun for everyone.
The handicaps have been decided based on a combination of last year’s final standings, current team lists and tournament results.
Handicaps are posted on the noticeboard in the pavilion, it is the responsibility of the team captain to add this to the scorecard before you hand it into the committee member making the draw.
8. Umpiring and scoring
All teams MUST provide an umpire and a scorer

Although some umpiring changes may take place as the umpiring secretary sees fit, first division teams will at times be umpired by trainee umpires. All teams are to respect the umpire’s decisions. If any umpires have concerns about their commitments, please speak to Becca Stannard, umpiring secretary.

9. Injuries and substitutions in the event of an injury.
For teams of 7 players, the WD may take the injured player's place then continues to follow the injured player's path on the plan.
For teams of 8 players, the OFF player may take the injured player's place and then continues to follow the injured player's path on the plan.
For teams of 9 players, the OFF player behind the injured player's place on the rotation take the injured player's place then continues to follow the injured player's path on the plan
Injury time is the same as All England rules - 2 minutes for the first injury for each team and 30 seconds for every injury thereafter.

10. Conceding
If you need to concede, you must let Debbie Cook know 24 hours before the match.
If you concede a Cup and Plate match, this will go towards your number of matches conceded during the year. All teams must play 75% of their games during the year. If they do not do this, they will no longer be in the league and will not be eligible or the Cup or Plate tournament

11. Club Players and floaters
A player may play up for their first team. This will however count towards the 3 times you can play up before becoming part of that team. This is also the case for floaters. If a floater plays for a team it counts towards their 5 for the year before having to join that team.
For the Finals day, only 1 floater will be allowed.
The league encourages the use of floaters however, it is felt that allowing fewer floaters will ensure the Cup and Plate tournament is a fairer competition.

12. Finals.

In order to play in the semi-finals and finals, every player must have played 5 matches for their club during the season. This does not apply to floaters.
As per the England netball rules, if there is a draw at the end of the semi-final or final the following will apply:
• there shall be a two minute interval at the end of full time where the teams will move into their next rotation
• extra time shall consist of 2x 7 minute halves with an interval of 1 minutes (no rotation at half time)
• during extra time, the usual injury and illness procedures apply.
• in the event of their still being a tie at the end of extra time, a visual signal shall be used to indicate that play shall continue until one team has a two goal advantage.

The committee would like to encourage everyone to come along to the finals day

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